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Lead Flourish Prosper
1:1 Coaching Programme


Lead yourself and take your business where you really want it to go


Reconnect to the way YOU want to work and live so you can grow your way


Build a thriving, profitable business that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside

Want to start every day feeling like the business you’ve worked so hard for finally works for YOU -

 Because you know exactly how to create the time, energy and headspace to succeed and achieve without sacrificing yourself?

Let’s talk about what that looks like for a second shall we?

You’ve finally found YOUR secret to success! You’re focussed and on fire and nothing can put it out.


You’ve got those big ideas out of your head and into action and your business is blooming

You’re flourishing in your life and have fallen back in love with your work - because it finally fits who you really are AND how you work best


I mean, look at you! You’re feeling calm, connected and energised - because your business doesn’t only look successful on the outside - it feels successful on the inside too

In 20+ years of developing talented people into great leaders, it's NEVER been just about improving professional performance. Transforming peoples' lives beyond work has been a beautiful side effect of my work.

Right now I’m betting you’re stuck in at least one of the following …

>>>You’re drowning in in the weeds of your business and you want to rise up and be the CEO you set out to be. You started your business to do big things, right? But right now your world feels oh so small. You’re stuck on the hamster wheel and you’ve even thought of just hurling yourself off.

>>>You’ve got a gazillion ideas swirling round your head and you just don’t know where to direct all that talent, grit and determination. You want to know you’re focusing on the right things to take your business where you really want it to go but the options are endless and serious overwhelm is looming.

>>>You're spinning so many plates, doing and being everything.  You want to find ways to get back in control so you can get back to being the confident, high-achiever you know you can be - running

your successful business with energy and love, instead of running yourself ragged and teetering on the edge of burnout.

Ready to find out more?

The Lead Flourish Prosper 1:1 Coaching Programme is designed specifically for established solo business owners or those with a small team


We should definitely talk if you want to:-

  • Tune out the noise and learn to trust yourself as you choose your next steps AND follow through with renewed energy, creativity and joy

  • Work in ways that fit your unique personality,, your unique business, your unique life

  • Find your focus so you can bring your best ideas to life and let the rest go.


And if:-

  • You’re starting to realise that, as hard as you work, what got you here, will NOT get you to where you want to go,

  • You're prepared to take a look at your existing business with a fresh perspective

  • You're up for change and are committed to taking action to transform your business and your life.  (If you're looking for generic tactics without the deep personal work, or want a ready-made solution that you might implement 'one day' this individual coaching programme is not for you)

  • You're an established business owner.  This isn't a programme for those who are looking for business start up advice.

  • You're committed to completing the full 12 week programme - it's around an hour a week with me plus reflection and implementation time  - and that will vary depending on what you're trying to accomplish and how much time you actually have! 

And finally, I only take on clients I can really help.  If I think you need something or someone else right now, I'll let you know.


Take your next step to build the business you ACTUALLY want

“I have no regrets! It was more than worth it!!
I was frustrated, burned out, and really not wanting to take on new clients -- yet I’ve always loved my work! That irony left me stuck in figuring out what to do going forward.
I knew I would be spending money and that was a little scary,, but I have no regrets! It was more than worth it!!
Catherine is wonderful to work with! She genuinely cares about her clients, and desires the best for them, in work and life. She is trustworthy, confidential, and knows how to help you gain clarity to move forward. I don’t just consider her a coach and mentor, I consider her a friend.  Thank you Catherine!!.”

- W, CEO

“The results we have seen as a result of working with Catherine have exceeded our expectations in terms of business and personal growth

Catherine’s ability to come in to our business and non-intrusively take us on a journey of discovery has been liberating.


Her coaching style is friendly and challenging in a non-threatening way and has taken us to new levels of understanding about our business and it’s potential.

She has a wide range of knowledge and the results we have seen as a result of working with Catherine have exceeded our expectations in terms of business and personal growth. 


We would highly recommend Catherine to others on a growth journey.

We have loved working with Catherine and look forward to continuing our relationship

- S, Managing Director

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